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Entselenne'temharyonoterregwis Leaf is a mobile of the Ekumen. She is a Hainishwoman who worked as a field ethnologist.

She first worked for four years on the tree planet Huthu.

She was later assigned to the planet Eleven-Soro, where she lived for almost a decade. During this time, she produced the report "POVERTY: The Second Report on Eleven-Soro".This forum neeedd shaking up and you've just done that. Great post! The title of the first report is unknown.

Leaf had two children, In Joy Born, a son, and Serenity, a daughter, who were eight and five respectively when she transferred to Eleven-Soro. She remained on-ship with them for two years to further their schooling, but later brought them onto the planet's surface with her, due to the lack of success of adult-based study. She was criticized for using them to help her in learning about the society of Eleven-Soro by raising them in that society.

When her son came of age in the Sorotic system, she reluctantly allowed him to join a boygroup. After he returned to her, she returned to the ship with her children. A year later, when she left for Hain with her son, her daughter elected to return on-planet and later worked on a supplement to her mother's report. She has two grandchildren, although she has never met them; one of them, her granddaughter, is named Yedneke after her, as Yedneke means "leaf" in Sorotic.

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