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New South Georgia is a planet. It is most notable for its large museum of artifacts from many worlds, located in the planet's capital, Kerguelen. It is also the planet closest to Rokanan, at eight light-years away; it is unknown if Rokanan is the nearest world to New South Georgia. The museum on New South Georgia houses the Eye of the Sea, also known as the Formalhaut Necklace, until it is retreived by Semley.SN

Rocannon meets Semley in the museum, and this prompts him to lead the fated ethnographic expedition to Rokanan. When Rocannon later sends an SOS message by ansible, he chooses New South Georgia as the destination because it is the only world he has memorized the coordinates of; New South Georgia quickly sends an unmanned FTL ship to destroy the secret Faradayan base housed there.RW

[edit] Conjecture

It can safely be assumed that New South Georgia was first colonized by Terran humans, given its name and the name of its capital, bot of which come from islands in the Antarctic or Southern Ocean on Terra. This follows the pattern of naming Terran-colonized planets and locations on those planets after Earth islands; compare Athshe (named "New Tahiti" by the Terrans). It is the only known world known to be first settled by Terrans; Werel and Athshe both had previous inhabitant labeled hilfs.

[edit] Location

The exact location of New South Georgia is unknown, although it is labeled as eight light-years from Fomalhaut (Rokanan). Two stars round to eight light-years away from that star:

Both of these stars have very low luminosities, so if New South Georgia sits within the habitable (terraformable) zone, it would be tidally locked to the star. Thus it is possible that New South Georgia has not been terraformed, and is merely a climate-controlled colony.

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