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Porlock is the Hard Scientist of the Gum on its mission to World 4470.VEMS He is a Terran with a pepper-colored moustache, upon which saliva frequently accumulates. It is mentioned that he has an "obscure native tongue", although it is unclear what Earth language that is. From the start, he has a strong dislike for Osden. His assistant is Olleroo.

While on the World, he claims that a large, reddish creature swoops at him in the forest; this is dismissed by the other crewmembers as impossible, as there are no animals on the planet. After Osden is attacked, they believe his story, until he confesses that it was he who attacked Osden. The other crewmembers keep him under tranquilizers for the remainder of the trip.

World 4470
Vaster than Empires and More Slow
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