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Serenity (birth name presumably Entselenne'temharyonoterregwis Serenity, used the name Ren on Eleven-Soro) is the daughter of Leaf and the narrator of the story Solitude.This forum neeedd shaking up and you've just done that. Great post! She grew up first on Huthu until she was five, when her mother was transferred to Eleven-Soro.

When she was seven, she was brought onto the planet's surface with her mother and brother. She was raised as a Soro child in an auntring, and became attached to her new culture. When her mother and brother, In Joy Born, opted to leave, she left with them, but was unhappy.

She developed a friendship with a Gethenian named Arrem; he taught her some Handdara, and heshe eventually convinced Leaf to let Serenity return to the surface of Eleven-Soro. There she lived in her auntring, spent four years scouting, and remained the rest of her life. She had two children, one daughter, Yedneke, and one son. She later wrote a supplement to her mother's report on the world based on her own life story.

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